40 years of Thurn history

Thurn is an owner-operated, modern mid-sized family company - With hard work, responsibility and future-oriented thinking, Adolf Günter Thurn and his wife Karin Thurn founded this successful and constantly growing, innovative company in 1977.

Without the strong support of the family, as well as responsible and highly qualified employees, it would never have been possible to realise this dream. This is a consistent idea by company founder Adolf Günter Thurn, which is heavily reflected in the way the company is managed.


Quality connects

We appreciate the valuable proximity and the trust from our customers, cooperation partners and end users. At the same time, we take responsibility for our environment and our high quality commitment with the research and development, manufacture and production of washing and cleaning agents.

All products are subject to continuous quality controls.

What sets us apart

We have been offering our customers high-quality and individual products for the laundry detergents, cleaning agents and other detergents sector for the past four decades.

Whether individual bottle shapes, innovative product manufacture or modern laboratory equipment for our company, a high quality standard is ensured, which is offered to you if you choose the company Thurn Produkte.